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About Isaac

This guy.

This guy.

Not long after college, Isaac loaded a Power Mac 7200 into a black Fiero assembled from junkyard parts and festooned with hot pink racing stripes. The plan was to move from Allentown to Denver, stopping by Chicago to visit friends. He set off early one morning and drove until the car broke down just outside of Chicago. An afternoon at the beautiful lakefront and the repair estimate settled it: this town where you don’t need a car would do just fine. (Sorry, Denver.) Then the web happened, you know… worldwide and all.

Isaac has been making websites and web apps since 1996, before it was so darn glamorous like it is nowadays. He lives with his independent radio producer sweetheart and two orange cat brothers rescued from the alley. In 2011, he took control of his health and weight by doing the opposite of what “they” tell you to do (it’s a conspiracy, man!). He never outgrew playing the “why” game. He enjoys gnarled old trees, nature and street photography, pinball, film, music, laughing, cooking, and riding a totally uncool bike around.

He plays for The Solenoids pinball team with Pinball Chicago and the Logan Arcade Pinball League. Between seasons, he helps run PinGolf and Pinball! Pinball! Pinball! tournaments at Logan Arcade with teammate Jesse. IFPA Profile.