Full-Stack Web Designer & Developer

UX-centered, content-first, mobile-first responsive design. Full-stack: strategy, design, content, code.

  • Web application design and development
  • Web standards, usability, and accessibility
  • Content Strategy
  • User-centered interaction design (UX, UI)

  • Web semantics, ethical SEO and microformats
  • Web projects from prototypes to launch
  • Django, Flask web frameworks


First Stop Health. 11/2017—present

Web Developer

Freelance. 12/2014—11/2017

Full-stack web designer and developer.

  • Project currently underway (under NDA, can't say much) bringing an established company's business to the web. Using Sketch and Marvel for design prototypes. Will use Django and Wagtail plus custom interactive pages. Mobile-first responsive design.

  • Mobile-first responsive re-design for Lincoln Square Pottery Studio–Learning Center

  • Mobile-first responsive re-design for Wholesale Poster Frames

Logan Arcade. 10/2016—5/2017

Web Developer (Part-Time)

  • Web design and development using Django, WagTail, Docker, PostgreSQL, CoffeeScript, AWS, Digital Ocean droplets.
  • Content Management for list of pinball and video games, beer menu, blogs, events, game repair logs, game trouble ticketing system.
  • Game development using Unity 3D.
  • Created open source Python client to update Pinball Map based on current game list.
  • Automatically pulls events from several related Facebook Pages to generate event listings on the website.

Aggrego, LLC. 12/2012—12/2014

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Development of events and user-generated content (UGC) system used across 30+ sites. The UGC forms are implemented as a web-embeddable app. The server is Django, form data appears in a CMS where editors may publish to the local community sites. Event listings come from the UGC forms and other sources. Events are displayed on local websites based on geo shape files. I18N/L10N.
  • Created Vagrant box (Debian 7) and build/deployment scripts to have an environment to work on our Django and Flask apps consistent with the servers. Django is deployed with Nginx and uWSGI.
  • Developed form for photographers to submit wedding albums to bouquetcatcher.com and export to relevant local community sites. Used Flask, SQLAlchemy, Celery/RabbitMQ task queue for processing large images.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and development team to meet objectives and deadlines.
  • Working with: Python, Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MongoDB, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Ajax, Handlebars, Jade, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Grunt, Vagrant, responsive iframes.
  • Attention to stability, scalability, app packaging, fast-loading pages, automated deployment, cross-browser testing.

Chicago’s preeminent legal recruiting firm

Senior Web Developer

  • Design, develop and constantly improve internal web application named Kiksom used to track client and candidate qualifications and history, candidate submissions, who is interviewing where & when, follow-ups, placements, job descriptions and ads. Tracks which candidates are assigned to which recruiter, and generates reports on contact and activity with candidates and clients. Allows recruiters to search the database of 38,000 candidates with detailed criteria such as degrees, honors, certifications by year, and practice areas. Designed logo for the app.

  • Uses Pylons, Python, MongoDB, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Ajax, Handlebars

  • Design, develop and improve internal web application for employee time clock. Staff punch in and out, and generate time cards and reports for payroll.

  • Design and maintain websites for the three divisions of the company using a custom Django CMS I wrote. Monitor search rankings, traffic (Google Analytics), and manage Google AdWords campaigns.

Note: I was the only designer and developer.

Consultant (Self-employed); Chicago 12/2000—11/2002

Web design and development, logo design, general Linux and Mac consulting, Linux servers and firewalls.

Clients: Kinczel Appraisal Services, Brass Ring, Richards & Tierney, various pro bono projects (web and print design and production).

Spectrum Communications; Rolling Meadows, IL 2/2000—12/2000

A small web and print design firm

Web Programmer

  • Development of e-commerce web applications for small web shops using Tango, Lasso, and FileMaker Pro.

  • Administered Mac web servers running WebSTAR. Maintained and updated client web sites, which were mostly small businesses.

swURL Multimedia; Chicago 7/1998—2/2000

Formed to serve the former clients of WorldWide Access when they dissolved their web design department.


Web design and development, graphic design, programming.

Clients: Bank Administration Institute, Sysmex Corp., Explorit Entrepreneurial Services, Custom Window Lights, various pro bono projects.

WorldWide Access; Chicago 3/1996—7/1998

One of the largest dial-up ISPs in Chicago at the time, later sold to Verio.

Creative Manager

Designed and built client web sites using HTML, JavaScript and Perl/CGI. Clients: Allen Brothers Meats, Selected Independent Funeral Homes (née National Selected Morticians), Bank Administration Institute, Sysmex Corp., Spectrix Corp., Cook County Information Center.


East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania — Bachelor of Science, Media, Communication, and Technology, 1995. 3.9 Major GPA. (One year as a Computer Science major.)

William Allen High School, Allentown, PA — Advanced Placement in Computer Science program. 4 out of 5 on the AP Test.



Web Standards, Ajax, JSON, Web Accessibility and Usability, Semantic Markup, Microformats, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization (ethical methods only), Content Management Systems, Typography, Graphic Design, Paper Prototypes, User Experience/User-Centered Design, Video and Audio Editing, Regular Expressions, Abstract Thought, Gratuitous Use of Footnotes.


PyCharm, TextMate, Sketch, CodeKit, Affinity Designer & Photo, InkScape, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, OmniGraffle, FileMaker Pro, Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, ArangoDB.

Languages, Frameworks, Libraries

Python, Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Swift, Meteor, memcached, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, RactiveJS, Bower, AppleScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Handlebars, Grunt, Vagrant. Familiar with React and GraphQL.

Other Stuff

Gave an Intro to Graph Databases talk at the Evanston Web Technology Meetup in April 2017.

I read A List Apart religiously, attended An Event Apart in 2012, and have read the entire collection of A Book Apart books.

I ♥ Python and Macs, pinball, music, science, rails-to-trails, film, real food, photography, art.