Need some web app development or design?

Hi friends,

I’m close to wrapping up the larger of the projects I’m working on and I’m looking for new freelance work to fill out my schedule.

If you know anyone who needs a web application designed and built and/or web design and development done, please send them my way. I specialize in complex web app development and designing great experiences for your users/customers. 

If a huge chunk of your web traffic comes from mobile devices but your website is awkward on small screens, I can redesign it to fix that.

Need to turn mountains of data into a useful app for your company? I can do that.

Grid Style Sheets (GSS)

I recently completed two Lynda courses on iOS & Mac development and learned a lot about how Cocoa’s AutoLayout (and manual layout) works across screen sizes. While learning all that, I couldn’t help thinking it would be nice if web layouts and interfaces could be built that way. Well, some clever people have gone and done something about it. I say keep an eye on this crew, they keep doing really interesting stuff.


I’m taking a moment to reflect on how wonderful it is that so many friends and family are helping to get the word out that I’m going freelance and am asking for help finding clients. I’m just overwhelmed by the response. Thanks to everyone who is helping out, it means the world to me.

Yosemite Spotlight Leaky Bug

a new glitch discovered in OS X Yosemite’s search threatens to expose the private details of Apple Mail users — including IP addresses, and more — to online spammers and phishers
— Luke Dormehl, reporting for Cult of Mac based on a story in on the German site Heise

In hindsight this may seem like an obvious thing that should’ve been caught. As a programmer, I understand how hard it is to imagine and account for every real world contingency, and even the best are going to miss things sometimes. Hopefully this will be patched up quickly.

Kombucha Redux

OMG you guys. This is SO boring. But our second attempt at brewing Kombucha is working out much better than before. Yippee Skippy. Carry on.