Official Position on Leg Warmers

  • Leg warmers always look stupid on everyone.
  • If you own leg warmers and you are not a dancer, you must burn them immediately. You are advised to remove them from your legs first.
  • Fellow humans should tolerate leg warmers for the well-being of dancers, while the dancers are working in a dance-related environment, but under no other circumstances.
  • Non-dancers must wear pants or other suitable non-leg warmer garb to keep their legs warm.
  • If you are not actually a dancer, you have no excuse, and by the way, you look like a total buffoon in those things.


  • The burning of leg warmers acquired for non-dance purposes is an essential step. If you give them away or donate them to a resale shop, they may fall into the hands of a non-dancer who is unaware of the few legitimate uses for leg warmers.