Automatic "waiting for" emails

Regarding the clever trick for automating your emails that require follow-up.

Here’s what I did (I use Apple Mail on Tiger):

* Created a couple extra signatures, one with my usual sig, plus a tag like [**] (where ABC is your initials or something unique) which I set to be white text and very tiny so it’s invisible to most people. I also made a sig called “inivisi-wf” with just the tag in white, for less formal emails.
* create a Rule like “message content” contains [**] and have that route the message to your Waiting For… folder.
* BCC myself on WF emails.

This was much easier than setting up a whole other email address, and I don’t really care if someone with a non-HTML capable email client sees my little tag.

It has the added benefit that replies will also go to your ‘waiting for’ folder if the responder doesn’t strip your sig.