What I Want from CSS3

Well you asked…

Positioning and sizing of elements relative to others. Grouping of elements. I want to say #a #b and every div.awesome constitute a group named #superGreat, and then be able to say that #c should always appear below that group, or to the right of it, or 23 ems from the top left of the group. I want to say that every item in that group should have the height of the tallest one among them, based on its content… or that all the members should have their bottom edges aligned, and the tops move down based on each element’s size.

I realize that this is difficult to implement in a rendering engine because an amateur could easily create circular dependencies (to name just one of many). I’m not opposed to the browser throwing an error dialog in this situation. We’re all grown-ups here, and if you can’t think through your design well enough to avoid infinite recursion, then you need to think it through again.

Next, I want to have variables where I can define a set of color, borders, backgrounds, or whatever, and then apply that set of styles to other elements.

That’s about as simply as I can say it. That’s what I want from CSS3. Give me those in every browser and maybe I’ll stop complaining. That’s not true. I joined the Chicago Complaints Choir for cripes sake. But give me those things, and I’ll complain about something else instead. How’s that for a deal?