Pinball Dream Log

I don’t recall where we were going, or who was there, but I remember feeling that I really didn’t want to go. Our van pulled into a dusty gas station and it was my job to go inside and get supplies. The place was a mess, falling apart, and no one was there, not even a cashier. It was filthy and dark with packages strewn all over. The floor was covered with stains which suggested that something messy and stringy had been dragged across it. Then I looked up and saw some pinball machines. Unlike everything else in there, they were lit up and clean.

I pressed START on the nearest one without even looking at it, because I felt this intense desire to play; as though I believed I’d never see a working pinball machine again.

As the ball popped into view, I heard the voice of Rocky the Squirrel say, “Bullwinkle, how are we going to get all these zombies out of the prison?” Someone had created a mash-up of The Walking Dead with Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Then the alarm went off just as I was saying, “what in the F*** is this?”