Hello Freelance!

So, this happened:

Me: “Hi, freelancing, it’s been twelve years since I’ve seen you. We had to part ways for a while when the dot-bomb made ‘us’ untenable, but it’s super-nice to see you again.”

Freelancing: “Hi, I’m so glad you’re back, now let’s rock this party.”

In short (TL;DR): I’m a web developer and designer with 18 years of experience making web sites and apps. I’m now available for freelance work after twelve years of building amazing things as an employee. Hire me!

The notion that I want to get back to freelancing has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while, and the opportunity to do it has arrived. When it came time to amicably end things at my last full-time job, it was terrifying and exhilarating at once. Terrifying because of the big blank book my future just became, and exhilarating because now I get to fill those pages with new things. I have a lot planned, freelancing work is only the first thing.

This Can Work

Over the last twelve years as an employee I’ve taken my skills in both design and programming to the next level, and then the next. I researched, designed and built a web app for recruiters from the ground up by myself. Then at the next job, I spent two years working on a team and learned a ton more about making content-heavy sites perform well under high traffic.

I’m primed and ready to build more great things.

I Need Your Help

Friends, colleagues, and friends I haven’t met yet:

The clock is ticking. I have a brief window of time to get this off the ground.

It’s go-time. I’m getting things rolling by updating my website, telling everyone I know about what I’m doing, and building up an audience through social media and more blogging so that people might think of me when web work is needed.

I’m asking you for your help in connecting me with companies and people who want to put my talents to work for entire projects or to pitch in on one. I’m looking for companies and people who value design, quality code, and care deeply about the experience their users have interacting with their websites, apps, and products.

If you have a project or prospect or proposal in mind, please contact me here. Thanks!