Grid Style Sheets (GSS)

I recently completed two Lynda courses on iOS & Mac development and learned a lot about how Cocoa’s AutoLayout (and manual layout) works across screen sizes. While learning all that, I couldn’t help thinking it would be nice if web layouts and interfaces could be built that way. Well, some clever people have gone and done something about it. I say keep an eye on this crew, they keep doing really interesting stuff.

The Torment of New Web Frameworks

As I read more about Meteor it kinda hurts to continue the old ways on the giant project I’ve built over the past several years. I mean it’s kind of heartbreaking to think about how much work was done that now seems like it could have been avoided if we had Meteor back then. But it’s also wonderful and a relief just knowing it exists. I can’t wait to try this thing out.

Meteor the Most Awesome New Web Framework

I just heard about this new web framework called Meteor today, and I’m totally blown away by it.

I was already pretty blown away just by thinking about what I could do by combining node.js, CoffeeScript, SaSS, MongoDB, and WebSockets. I thought, “I could probably make the most awesome new web framework out of those components, and then use that to make amazing real-time web apps.”

But the Meteor team has already done it, so I don’t have to! Thanks team!

I’m super excited to try this on my next project, and I’m feeling a little stifled having to go back to work on a huge project that wasn’t created this way. The tiny amount of semi-real time stuff it has took forever to create, and I could have done it in days instead of weeks/months with Meteor.

This is why it’s wonderful to work in ever-higher-level languages. The more abstract and less “close to the metal”, the better, I say. Though I’m certainly grateful for the people who love working close to the metal (and I think it’s important to be able to go there when necessary). Zillions of developers couldn’t do what we do without them.

The only thing I don’t like about this is that it takes my beloved Python out of the picture. I freaking love Python. But CoffeeScript makes JavaScript almost Python-ish. So I guess I’ll survive somehow.